Decision Making – with clarity and confidence.

Decision Treehouse

Your virtual refuge from debilitating indecision. A fresh creative approach to challenging choices.Experience professional, personal one to one attention with a completely confidential decision focused conversation – to help you make your decision with more clarity and confidence.

Your decisions shape your destiny!

When it matters, your decision is really worth creative, constructive consideration. If you’ve an important decision to make, help is at hand just when you need it. Convenient – call in from anywhere – affordable and easy to arrange at a time to suit you.

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Are You struggling with these Decision Making difficulties?

Important decisions are often far from simple. You may find yourself:

  • Overwhelmed by so many possibilities
  • Torn between two alternatives
  • Dissatisfied with all the available options
  • Stuck in a rut unsure of your escape route
  • Confused by conflicting opinions and advice
  • Uneasy about a decision you’re about to make

No wonder we often procrastinate with worry, suffer from analysis paralysis, or agonize over getting it ‘right’! Making difficult decisions can be stressful – draining your energy, wasting valuable time, taking a heavy toll on you.

Talking it through with someone who can give you the time and understanding you need to clarify your priorities and address your concerns can be so helpful. But finding someone

  • who won’t jump in to crowd out your thoughts with their own opinions, telling you what to do
  • who won’t inevitably have their own agenda because they’ll be affected by what you decide
  • you can be sure won’t break your confidence by telling others about your concerns

– that can be challenging!

Decision Treehouse offers you an effective new approach to decision making

Experience professional, personal one to one attention for a completely confidential decision focused conversation – by phone or Skype at a time to suit you.

The aim is to help you clarify the issues, your thoughts and feelings, and establish your own priorities, so you can feel happier and more confident in making your decision. Get the luxury of uninterrupted time with someone skilled in constructive listening who can be relied on to be non-judgemental and impartial.

Why waste your valuable time and energy struggling too long with a decision. It’s easy, convenient and affordable to arrange a special conversation to bring clarity and confidence to making that decision. Whether it relates to your personal life, career or business let’s talk:

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