About Decision Treehouse

Help with making your decisions

​What is Decision Treehouse?​

Decision Treehouse is an innovative service you access by phone. A virtual ‘treehouse’ – a special space you can create in your busy schedule for constructive, creative help with making your decisions.

Decision Treehouse provides professional personal one to one attention for a completely confidential decision focused conversation. You get the luxury of uninterrupted time with someone skilled in constructive listening who can be relied on to be non-judgemental and impartial.

The aim is purely to help you clarify the issues, your interests, priorities, thoughts and feelings – so you can find it easier and feel more confident in making your decision.

​It’s easy to arrange, convenient and affordable. You can book a one off conversation online by choosing a time to suit you and choosing what to pay

How Decision Treehouse came into being

A pioneer coach who played a key role in bringing modern coaching methods from the U.S. to the UK in 1997, Elizabeth ​has been helping people from all walks of life clarify their priorities, make crucial decisions and achieve their aims for over two decades. At the request of clients, contacts and friends she has often provided one off sessions for people faced with making a crucial decision.

Whether it related to a complex situation, an agonizing dilemma or a challenging new opportunity, many people struggling with an important decision found it immensely helpful to talk it over. In a confidential non judgemental environment a conversation with someone skilled in constructive listening makes it easier to get the clarity that helps you make your decision with confidence. The positive impact of these special sessions ​​inspired the launch of this ​unique ​service.

Elizabeth’s private coaching clients pay a range of three figures per hour depending on the service they have, ​Decision Treehouse conversations are being offered on a pay what you want basis – so getting help with important decisions is affordable to everyone.

With a vision of quality decision making help being widely available and easily accessible, Elizabeth is giving her time to develop the Decision Treehouse service. A significant part of the funds raised will go towards exploring innovative ways of ​conserving ancient British woodland.

Why the name Decision Treehouse?

A love both of trees and of helping people make a success of their lives inspired a creative play on words:

A decision tree – is a decision making tool which uses a tree like flow chart to compare options according to the projected value of different outcomes. Decision trees are just one of many different approaches to decision making.

A treehouse – according to the dictionary: “a structure built in the branches of a tree for children to play in”. Great fun for children, but a treehouse isn’t just for child’s play! For grownups they can be a place of refuge from the world of demands and worries, somewhere to get inspiration and replenishment.

When you climb up into a treehouse you get into an exciting place of safety that’s all your own. You can experiment with different perspectives, and have the space to be playfully creative. You can relax and enjoy being free to think things through for yourself and come up with great ideas.

The Decision Treehouse Ethos

The decisions you make shape your present and generate your future. Your decisions create your destiny.

In the 21st century most of us have more choice about how we live and what we do with our lives than ever before. This freedom to choose is wonderful, but can be overwhelming. It’s also a responsibility and can feel daunting because the decisions that matter most are often the most difficult to make.

Your life is incredibly precious! You deserve to flourish – you owe it to yourself and to the world to be your best!

Now, if you’ve got a decision to make, in your personal or professional life or in your business, help is at hand – just when you need it.

With Decision Treehouse you get time and support to discover your own solution – help to make your own decision with more clarity and confidence.

By making good decisions you’ll improve your own life and help create a better world. It’s our contribution to creating a better world to help you do that!

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