How Successful People Make Decisions

Decision making is a key component of success in every sphere of life.  As with any other skill, blindly copying someone else is seldom a good strategy. But it is possible to learn a lot from modelling what works well and generally gets good results for others. Here’s a list of the decisive characteristics that help people become successful.

In their decision making successful people :

Make top level decisions and know what their overall most important goals are. This gives them a helpful reference point for making other strategic and everyday decisions, keeping them on track to achieve what they value most.

Recognise they always have options and can make up more to expand their thinking but not feel obliged to waste time considering every possible option.

Explore the situation from more than one perspective, not just their own. They consider the potential impact of their decision and may consult those most affected and/or the people who will implement it.

Draw on their experience, but assess each situation afresh. They reflect on their experience as a valuable resource, but remember that past performance may not predict the future. Being freshly curious about each new situation helps them spot opportunities others often miss and avoid their own unhelpful biases.

Consider possible outcomes, but recognize that many influences shape the future, which although it can be predicted cannot be known. They realise that considering the worst case scenario can help them positively plan to avoid it.

Talk it through with a trusted confidant (not anyone and everyone) if they need help to get clarity in their own mind

Make decisions quite quickly, without procrastinating hesitation, but without undue haste. They often create a time frame for making the decision and identify the crucial information they need to know at the outset.

Act on their decisions, and follow through, which boosts their confidence in decision making, creating the dynamic energy around themselves that ‘gets stuff done’

Stay committed to the decisions they make, while being prepared to adjust and change tack if necessary. Because they monitor the implementation of their decision they’re able to reassess when it’s not going to plan and adapt before things go badly wrong.

Have the courage to admit when they’ve made a ‘wrong’ call, learn from their experience and move on without being held back by sunk costs.

Take responsibility for their decisions – recognising it might be scary, but it’s how to steer and shape your future, and create your success!

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