Terms & Conditions

By using this website and by booking a Decision Treehouse decision focused conversation you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

You are responsible for any decision you make

The Decision Treehouse service is provided with the sole aim of helping you towards making a decision you want or need to make, so that you can feel happier and more confident about making your decision.

The Decision Treehouse service is offered to help you think through the issues involved, clarify your own priorities, draw on your own inner wisdom and knowledge, and consider getting expert advice if this would be appropriate.

You may be given suggestions on decision making techniques, or different perspectives and approaches you may wish to consider in making your decision; but it is your responsibility to, and you are encouraged to, seek advice relating to specific issues from a suitably qualified professional source of expertise in any area relevant to your decision where this is appropriate. The Decision Treehouse service is not intended as and should not be construed as a substitute for legal, financial, medical or any other form of specialist professional advice.

By using this service you confirm that you are an adult over 18, with the mental and legal capacity for making decisions regarding your life.

Making your decision, including what, how and when you decide, and the consequences arising from your decision is and remains entirely your responsibility. The providers of the Decision Treehouse service take no responsibility and accept no liability for any decision you make, and by using the service you are agreeing to use the service on these terms.

Your Privacy

Privacy is a top priority underlying the whole concept of Decision Treehouse. We value our own privacy and will do our utmost to protect yours.

Decision Treehouse and its providers undertake to keep your identity, the arrangement and the content of any Decision Treehouse conversation completely confidential.

No one, no business or organisation and no government agency will learn anything about you as an individual, your life and your thoughts through us. Any information about any of our clients that is published to promote this service in any way is done only with the full and explicit consent of those featured.

Use whatever name you wish to arrange a conversation, but we do need a valid email address in order to provide the service.  We will use the email address you provide to contact you to confirm your chosen time and give you the details you will need to access the service.  We do not need any other personal details in order to arrange your appointment.

For practical reasons – in case you wish to contact us for any reason about the conversation you book – we will keep a record of the name and the email address you provide for 180 days after the date of your appointment.

Obviously the conversation you have with DecisionTreehouse is likely to involve personal information.  We do not make or keep a record of this unless you request a recording – for your own use.  We may for our own research purposes and in the interests of providing a good service keep records of the type of decisions our clients are making, but this does not involve any personally identifiable information.  We may invite you to participate in surveys about our service – to help us develop and improve what we offer – but any information you provide is entirely your choice.

Your email address and any other contact details you provide will only be used to contact you in connection with the service you have chosen and will never be rented out or shared with other organisations. We would love to contact you from time to time with information about special offers or developments in, or related to the Decision Treehouse service or decision making in general that could be of interest, but your time, and ours, is too precious to bombard you with frequent emails.  You are invited to sign up to receive occasional emails of interest, and you can easily opt out at any time.

Other parties involved in providing this service:

We currently use Pay Pal to facilitate the financial transaction when you book a conversation. You do not need a PayPal account to use this service.  This means we do not ourselves collect any of the financial information you provide to make the transaction.   Information about PayPal’s privacy policy can be found here: https://www.paypal.com/en/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-

Complaints & Refunds

If you wish to cancel an appointment you have booked and paid for, contact Decision Treehouse using the information provided on the booking confirmation email you will have received so that your appointment can be rescheduled or a refund made. Requests for cancellation received less than three hours before an appointment start time, or an appointment you fail to keep will not be refunded and will only be rescheduled at our discretion.

If you are not satisfied with the service you receive, please contact Decision Treehouse direct using the contact details on the confirmation email. A full refund of the payment you made will be made promptly on request provided this is received within seven days of the relevant Decision Treehouse conversation taking place and, to help us continually improve the help we provide, you simply tell us why you were not satisfied with the service you received.

Practical Details about your appointment

Once you’ve selected your appointment time and payment has been received, you should receive a confirmation email at the address you have provided. If you don’t receive this within 30 minutes please contact us using the contact form on this website.

Decision Treehouse will make every endeavour to honour the time you have chosen.   If for any technical or other reason beyond our control it is not possible to provide the service at the time you have booked and paid for, you will be offered an alternative time or a full refund if you prefer.

The Decision Treehouse service providers will take reasonable action to minimise the cost of phone calls necessary to access the service, such as providing a standard UK landline non geographic phone number, or a Skype contact address, but can accept no liability for variable quality which can occur in Skype and occasionally in phone calls.  By using the Decision Treehouse service you accept responsibility for any costs you incur in calling and connecting with the service.

Once your chosen appointment time has been confirmed it is your responsibility to call Decision Treehouse at this time.   If you forget or fail to call at that time the payment you have made will not be refunded.

Questions, difficulties or feedback

If you have any questions please ask – using the contact form on this website – we’d love to hear from you and will do our best to respond quickly.

If you encounter difficulties in using this service or for any reason you are not happy please contact us using the contact form on this website or by emailing so we can do our best to resolve the issue and put matters right.

Decision Treehouse aims to provide an excellent and helpful service and to continually improve it where possible – we welcome and appreciate your feedback, please get in touch if you:

experience any difficulties or have any criticisms – we want to know so we can put things right.

have suggestions for improving any aspect of the service – we’d really appreciate your comments.

have positive feedback on any aspect of the service you find especially helpful, please tell us as this also helps us keep improving.

If you like what we do, please spread the word by telling your friends, family and colleagues about Decision Treehouse.